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Jin Akanishi – Me 2015 Concert Tour Goods
So here is (a little late sorry) post about the Jin Akanishi Me 2015 Concert Tour goods. I am willing to take orders for concert goods as outlined below. There are a few ground rules though, nothing too harsh I hope, but please make sure you read all the way through until the end.

All prices are in yen, and are basically at cost, so no discounts can be offered.

Goods List (as at Osaka cons – I will update and note that it is an update if any more goods are added).
Please see the Jin Akanishi homepage here for more details about the goods themselves, it's where the pictures are sourced from as well.  Please go here:

1. Concert Pamphlet (Hardcover, A4 size, colour, 44 pages) PRICE 3500 yen

2. Black Me Concert T-shirt (Me on front, con venue list on back). Available in sizes Medium and Large (remember Japanese sizes run smaller than US/European) Price: 3600 yen

3. White Me Concert T-shirt (Me and Jin face logo from RE edition on front, con venue list on back). Available in sizes Medium and Large (remember Japanese sizes run smaller than US/European)
Price: 3600 yen

4. Me Tour Muffler Towel (Light blue colour towel, with the letters from Jin Akanishi's name scattered across the towel. Muffler Towels are scarf sized towels, designed to be worn around the neck, not a full size bath towel.)
Price: 1700 yen

5. Me Tour Tote Bag (Black cloth bag with yellow handles, Me and Jin Face logo on front in white)
Price: 1700 yen

6. Me Temporary Tattoo Stickers (One sheet of temporary tattoo stickers with Jin, Face Logo, Me and Happy Jindependence Day)
Price 500 yen

***7. Me Tour Light stick (White colour when broken, with Me Tour logo on outer case). This item may not be able to be shipped overseas. Asking for post office clarification now.
Price: 500 yen

8. Me Logo Charm (Small metal charm which can be added to bags, cases etc. Limited in number and a different colour available at each concert – **NOT AVAILABLE PLEASE SEE SPECIAL NOTE BELOW **

9. Photo set Number #016 (4 colour photos) Price: 650 yen
10. Photo set Number #017 (4 colour photos) Price: 650 yen
11. Photo set Number #018 (4 colour photos) Price: 650 yen
12. Photo set Number #019 (4 colour photos) Price: 650 yen

13. Me Logo Iphone Case (white Iphone folding style case that covers the screen. Me tour and Face logo on front. Available in 5. 5s and 6 sizes) *NOTE: This may sell out as it's a popular item, and there are no 6 Plus cases.
Price: 2800 yen

14. Me Sports Towel (White Me Tour and face logo, sports sized towel is wider than the muffler towel) Price: 2600 yen

Me charms:
These are a very in demand item, and have sold out at each concert very quickly. They are only available in limited numbers and each person can only purchase a limited number (in Osaka this was 3 per person, and they sold out within 20 minutes of goods going on sale, which meant some fans who had been waiting over 4 hours missed out). For this reason, I can not guarantee that I will be able to purchase a charm, and therefore will not be able to accept any orders for them.  It is extremely unlikely that I would be able to purchase them. I can also not accept requests for specific colours as different concerts at different venues will have different colours.  IF I am able to purchase any charms I will make another post, but this doesn't seem likely. Sorry to disappoint, but there are many many fans in Japan who are also disappointed at the limited number available so at least we can all be disappointed together. UPDATE: At today's concert in Chiba, charms were limited to one charm per person, and the goods line was heavily monitored to make sure people couldn't purchase multiple charms.

Ordering process:
Please comment on this post, outlining what goods you will like and I will respond.  All comments wil be screened to protect your privacy. I will also answer any questions people may have, and unscreen those comments (and amend this post if necessary.)

Payment: Payment must be made in Japanese Yen to my paypal account. If you do not have a paypal account, I am sorry but it will not be possible to order with me, as my bank does not allow incoming money transfers for small amounts without notice. So please order only if you either have your own paypal account or have easy access to one.  Please also note that as the buyer you must bear any paypal fees associated with the transaction. In some cases Paypal may add a charge depending on how the payment is funded, ie. the Personal Payment fee for a payment sent from a US PayPal account to a Japanese PayPal account is 0.3% when the Payment Method is exclusively PayPal Balance or bank account. It's 3.9% + 30 cents when another Payment Method (such as credit card) is used to fully or partially fund the payment. I think you should be able to see this when you are sending the payment - please just make sure that the final amount you send me is equal to the amount you should be sending me. I can let you know via a screen shot if it's short.

Postage: Postage will be via SAL as a standard practice, which costs around 1000 yen per kilogram, up to 2 kilograms. EMS is also available if you like but will be more expensive (at cost). Any packing material fees will be added to the postage cost (no more than 200 yen most likely if a new box or envelope needs to be purchased.)  Shipping estimates will therefore be around 1200 yen, and will be charged seperately.

Handling charge: As you can see from the pictures above, these goods are at cost - I have not inflated the prices in any way and as I am requiring payment in yen, I am not benefiting from the exchange.  I will however request the following fees to cover my own expenses: 1) 250 yen paypal fee to cover the withdrawal transaction fee to withdraw your payment from my paypal to my bank account where I can access it to pay for your goods, and 2) a handling fee of 500 yen per order to cover my train fares to the venue to buy goods and carry them back, and for the time I will spend queueing and preparing the goods for shipping, as well as taking them to the post office. So please add 750 yen to your order to cover this. (Again this is basically at cost
Please use the following format to order, deleting any items you do not wish to order, including any specifics needed and tallying your order for a final sum, including the handling fee.  Please remember Postage will be charged seperately:

LJ/Twitter/ Name:
Paypal name and email if different to above:
1. Concert Pamphlet  Price 3500 yen Number wanted:           Total:
2. Black Me Concert T-shirt  Price 3600 yen Sizes Medium or Large  Number wanted:           Total:
3. White Me Concert T-shirt Price 3600 yen Sizes Medium or Large  Number wanted:           Total:
4. Me Tour Muffler Towel Price: 1700 yen Number wanted:           Total:
5. Me Your Tote Bag Price: 1700 yen Number wanted:           Total:
6. Me Temporary Tattoo Stickers Price 500 yen Number wanted:           Total:
***7. Me Tour Light stick Price: 500 yen Number wanted:           Total:
8. Me Logo Charm **NOT AVAILABLE**
9. Photo set Number #016 (4 colour photos) Price: 650 yen Number wanted:           Total:
10. Photo set Number #017 (4 colour photos) Price: 650 yen Number wanted:           Total:
11. Photo set Number #018 (4 colour photos) Price: 650 yen Number wanted:           Total:
12. Photo set Number #019 (4 colour photos) Price: 650 yen Number wanted:           Total:
13. Me Logo Iphone Case  Price 2800 yen Size:  5. 5s and 6 sizes Number wanted:           Total:
14. Me Sports Towel Price: 2600 yen Number wanted:           Total:
Order Total:
Handling/Paypal fee 750 yen
TOTAL first transaction:
Postage will be charged at cost in a second transaction.

Jin Akanishi has started his Mi Amor tour, and in about two weeks time he will be in Tokyo - the Tokyo concerts are 27-28 November and 1-2 December. Last week he played Sapporo, and one of his fans posted a picture of boxes outside the venue where presents, fan mail etc could be placed. (This is a regular feature in a lot of non-JE concerts).

The idea of an International Postcard Project was born! The basic idea is to send Jin a message via a postcard.  The message can be anything you like: congratulations on his tour, new mini album, independent artist status, letting him know you support him, letting him know you support him, hoping has a concert in your country etc etc.

I am going to the Tokyo concert, so I can collect the post cards, and carry them to the venue, and place them in the present box.

So JIPs - anyone want to send a postcard to Jin?

postcard project
*Deadline - please mail the postcard in the next week (7 days), ie by November 24. I would like to place the postcards in the box at the first Tokyo concert.
* Where to send them? Please send me a DM either lj or via twitter, and I will send you my postal address.

Extra details, notes etc.Collapse )

47 Ronin - non spoilery thoughts

So where to start with this... I think this is going to be separated into 3 posts. One dedicated to 47 Ronin in a fairly non-spoilery way, another dedicated to 47 Ronin in a very detailed spoiler-y way and one dedicated to Jin in 47 Ronin in a fairly spoilery way. Please bear with me!

Please click here for the non spoiler thoughtsCollapse )

 Thanks to the lovely inala  who succumbed to my begging, demanding, whining pleading, I now have a lovely copy of the Jin Yellow Gold poster from December potato.  As she is fabulous, she cleaned up the creases and made it even prettier....


*sigh*  *so pretty*

and because how could I keep such loveliness to myself....have a download link:

MF link here.  Let me know if you want a MU one.

News has also just broken about Jin on MTV in Times Square :)  Very happy to see that! 


Book meme - days 12-15

Oh well, almost made it halfway.....

Day 12 – A book you have been recommended by a friend or acquaintance.

One that is on my to read list, have not read it yet... It is apparently fabulous, and everyone I know who has read it, has loved it so....when I get a chance....

Day 13 – A book that makes you laugh.

OOOO this one was easy...one that is always guaranteed to make me laugh (and is therefore not suitable for reading while traveling to school, uni or work, as there may be snorting involved)....

Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

Fabulous characters, nutty scenarios, snarky wonderful dialogue, and some of the weirdest and cleverest scenarios and jokes you will find. Hard to describe, it's basically Armageddon, with the characters ranging from angels and demons to withches with prophesy and normal people, and it's all done with biting, hysterical wonderful British humour, mischeif and at times pathos. It's *fantastic* and everyone should read it. *nods*

Day 14 – A book from your childhood.

I cheated *again* surprise, and have chosen a series. Anne of Green Gables. Oh how I wanted to Anne when I was little...although I seriously wanted Diana's long black curls rather than the titian hair, but I wanted to go to school on Prince Edward Island, and live in a farmhouse and wear pinafores...and...then again, pretty much every book I read made me want that.. even A Little Princess had me wanting to live in a London attic...

But the magic of Anne of Green Gables is that you grow up with Anne until you feel like she is one of your best friends. You know what she would say and how she would act, and she makes mistakes, learns and grows. The people in Avonlea are gorgeous as well...Gilbert, Dianna, Marilla, Matthew *sob*..all fabulous. Definitely a series that I will always remember and love. and re-read now and again :)

Coming soon...the next few days I missed....
So, this one was really easy :)

A book you loved the first time you read it but you can't stand now.

The Mists of Avalon, by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

This, for me, is one of those books that the first time you read it is gripping, engaging, and fabulous. You are immersed in a world that has been solidly and beautifully constructed, with a lot of thought going into the construction of religious and political structures, the character interactions and relationships work within and inform the narrative and if you are a bit of a history geek like me, well you are so happy that she makes the pagan dark ages seem real and gritty and the people who live in it seem real as well. And it's from point of view of Morgaine and Gwenhwyfar, which was such a change in arthurian literature. there might also have been an absolutely shocking for me at the time to read Lancelot/Gwenhwyfar/Arthur scene.

And then, I went back to read it...and the magic was gone. The characters were flat and lifeless, and you could see how she made characterisations fit around plot points, and the -isms she was interested in kinda swamped the rollicking good story. I also had studied arthurian history at uni and it has now ruined all arthurian literature for me. Just as well I had read everything before I did that subject

Marion Zimmer Bradley is a really interesting person though, and i would be interested in finding out more about her. She was obviously a very strong individual, who was not afraid to try things; she wrote across a lot of genre fiction from speculative, fantasy, sci-fi and queer fiction, she co-founded the SCA, and was an early supporter of fanfiction, writing two LOTR fanfics herself that were published and encouraging fanficcers to write in her Darkover world. That all went pearshaped and ended in a lawsuit over a similar storyline which cropped up in an unpublished novel of hers and a fanfic version. She was also really open and supportive of paganism as a religious choice, and then quietly converted back to Christianity in her later years. And...her second husband was a child molester, and it seems to a certain degree she was aware of it and ok with it (there is controversy over what she knew and when, but there is no doubt she knew), and that makes it problematic for me to view her only as an author.... so. Anyways, wiki entry here...

Mists of Avalon. Definitely a book I will never read again.
Most of these entries seem to start with me saying, well this is one of...(insert adjective or noun)..... but as I definitely have more than one favorite writer depending on my mood, the time of the year, what else I am reading and a whole host of other things...

I give you a writer who will never be recognised as a "great writer" but who nevertheless spins a very good story, who creates interesting and engaging characters who mostly have a character arc, who cared about populating a world with different cultures (even if the cultures could be a bit lot simplistic, who gave women characters positions of power even though they mostly had to be queens or princesses or ladies to be worthy of dialogue - but hell compare it to Wheel of Time!!! , who could make me laugh and cry within a page of each other, and who introduced me to the genre of "fantasy". and also caused a huge fight with my mother on the grounds she thought I would end up a satanist, as I was reading "those" books. Had great fun explaining how that was not true......

Anyway, if you like Fantasy, I say give David Eddings now David and Leigh Eddings, seeing he has acknowledged the role of his wife's contribution to their writing process

The Belgariad and the Malloreon...five books in each series, and they are some of my favorite books ever.